Growth of feasibility studies

It must be the economic phase we are going through in the UK, but the increase in companies and organisations undertaking feasibility studies as part of a growth strategy is truly remarkable.

Over the last year I have helped new start up companies through to large corporations with anything from new product development, through to new markets for existing products, identifying and advising as a marketing consultant the best way to market through a cost effective study.

Various funding opportunities are available for feasibility studies, especially for marketing and sales aspects, and all through myself, Steve Thomason,  the Marketing Doctor. Please call me on 0116 230 4967 or email to discuss options.

The Marketing Doctor announces new partnership with Newtons Accountants of Nottingham. Chartered Tax and R&D Tax Specialists. Click here to read more.

Medserve of Daventry awarded grant for feasibility study of ‘The SpineGym’ through The Marketing Doctor.

Read more about how Google constantly changes your carefully planned organic search engine listings, all to create value for themselves. Click here


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